CleanNet Software – Calculating for Cleaning Service

germany-31017_640The basis for every cost calculation is the time taken to carry out the required work.

Cleannet-SoftwareBased on my experience in this type of word and the many years of calculating the costs we are able to make new cost calculations based on the floor space, type of furnishings, an standard or level of cleaning is required.

Our repertoire covers Hospitals, old people’s homes, office complexes, shopping centres and window cleaning.

We developed our own software to carry out the calculations for the above mentioned scenarios. The program calculates the number of people and the time it will take to carry out the job at hand. It will also give a costing overview based on hourly rates that can be individually adjusted.

Our company has developed standard methods for cleaning which all our employees are trained in.

Through the use of our systematically procedures we are able to keep a high standard of work at competitive prices. The employees receive retraining in stages over the year o ensure the methods are always carried out correctly.

CleanNet® Programm

CleanNet will help you know how long it should take to clean a building / hospital etc. with accurancy and cost efficiency!

CleanNet ® is a cleaning and caretaker work measuring programme. It has two parts: the software and the Knowledge Bank.

The Knowledge Bank

CleanNet Knowledge bank is Official and international work study based. CleanNet® has the EU recording. Databank has millions of different readymade work packages fitting to the reality and the conditions of the building. Daily-, spring-, bed-cleaning, food services, all housekeeping works.

The measuring system has been carried out over 30 years in all different building types as offices, schools, hospitals, old-people houses, day homes, supermarkets, department stores, bars, hotels, restaurants, mills and plants, trains, aeroplanes, boats, busses, high hygiene buildings as laboratories and medicine factories. The Trade Unions have accepted the system in use.

Multilingual Programm

CleanNet is a multilingual programme. You can load in one language and print out in 9 languages. Reports: work time hours, working instructions and cost prints come out in different languages. You can pick up with cost pool codes or area codes. German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Flemish, French, Swedish and Finnish are the languages. Russian is coming soon.

Programme is easy to learn. The full display and quick copy systems help in loading the target details. The working instructions and costs comes out automatically. You get key figures that are elastic. All currencies can be used in counting costs. Both m2 & ft2 exists. The electronic room type pictures (CNSelain-programme) and caretaker work pictures help in loading your data. You can load to the Own tank your own times and work instructions. Transfer to Excel. Compatible to other applications if needed.


We will be delighted to make you a tender.

CleanNet® System in brief


  1. CleanNet ® for Cleaning work and facility services measuring. (Registrated trade mark in EU area)
  2. CNselain.mdb- cad programme for room types browsing and printing.
  3. Autocad – CleanCad 2000 for dwg. And raster building and site pictures handling.
  4. CateNet for kitchen work measuring.
  5. Clean Quality – a net service for any job or service quality monitoring.
  6. Long – distances measuring service from facility register data via e-mail.

Technical basis

Programme works in Windows -98 – XP application – development environment. Other programme requirements: Pentium –based PC (133MHz or higher). Internal memory 64MB RAM, 120MB free disk drive. Updates via internet. Possibility to load customer’s own work times. Clean Quality requires internet connections and a web browser.

Net-Version or PC installation available. Main server in the Capital – data terminals in different countries.


Finnish Parliament, Kreml in Russia (Chisty svet Cleaning Company), University Hospitals etc., over 700 installations in the world in the following Countries: Finland, Russia, many big town us it in Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Ireland and UK, Brazil.

Multilingual – Reports

9 languages now available. If you measure in English, you can turn the measurement documents to 8 other languages automatically all prints in 9 Languages.

Programme gives work amount prints, work instructions to every single room that has been measured. Cost reports to one building/target or to the whole data by segments as daily cleaning, spring cleaning, Window cleaning, garden works, snow removal works, yard cleaning all technical services in a building – in numbers and in graphic.

Good Manual and Hot-Line Support

With CleanNet ® – measure: Office, School, Hospital, Train, Aeroplanes, Boats, Power stations, Day homes, Old people homes, Handicap homes, Swimming halls, Sport halls, Banks, Commercial buildings, Supermarkets, Hotels and soon.

World’s largest databanks in the field – unique and practical programmes


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